Growing up in Serbia I had the privilege of walking past many tantalising fruit trees on my way home from school or on the way to grandma's house. It was standard for each house to have plum trees, cherry trees, apple trees, fig trees, quince trees etc in their front yard. And boy were they ever so fruitful! My friends/cousins and I, much like all the other youngsters around, would always take turns in boosting one another up in order to steal a fruit. Or two. Or three! Most of the time we got away with it. Unfortunately some of the time we would get chased by an angry owner who, of course, knew who we were (because back then everybody knew everyone) and would later tell our parents of the mischief we got up to. I really wanted to capture the magic of such a moment in this image. Even though the word is Shepherd I incorporated the two kids nervously looking around whilst stealing his fruit - just as we did in our youth. I will put an exclaimer here to say that by no means does this book promote or encourage kids become thieves! How many of you have a similar story from your childhood?

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