My financial advisor husband, God bless him, spent two years asking me "Yes, but why are you doing this book?" After I had set my mind on charging the minimum price possible, it was blatantly clear that this book was not going to allow him to give up his day job any time soon. So if I wasn't doing it for the money, why was I doing it? I suppose one reaches a point in their life when it is time to give back. And thus I am giving back, giving back to a community that may not be strong in numbers, but is certainly strong in spirit.

Like many immigrants that have left their motherland, with each passing year I find myself yearning for the sweet long gone moments when I sat in my grandparents' lap and listened to age old stories about my native land. How I wish I had asked them more. Having children of my own now, I appreciate the importance of passing on my ancestors' spiritual wealth and traditional ways to the new generation that is often born and brought up in a foreign land.

A purpose I had in mind when wiring this Cyrillic and Latin ABC book was to remind the Serbian people, especially the young ones, the sheer joy of the Serbian language. The Serbian language is a bridge to our ancestors, our rich history and precious culture. It celebrates the ties that bind us as a community even as we settle far away from our homeland. I can see my parents reading this book to my children whilst relating their own personal stories along the way. It is my hope that the reader will create their own stories as they sit and share this book with their loved ones.

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