Aleksandar Zolotić


"One of the main reasons I illustrated this ABC book was that a lot of my family live in different parts of the world and their children grow up in different cultures far away from their homeland. I hope that these lovely short stories from Serbian culture which every letter represents will make their knowledge of the Serbian language richer and help them understand the history and tradition their ancestors created, no matter where they live now."


Aleksandar was born in Zenica and moved to Mladenovac with his family in 1992. From early on he was able to use his vivid imagination to create amazing drawings, making everyday moments in his life look special. His visual thought was formed by animated movies and video games, and for that reason he considered books without illustration to be very boring. He graduated in Applied Arts - Illustration and Animation in Belgrade. Winner of several best illustrator awards, Aleksandar's variety and flexibility have given him the chance to work on comic books and video game production. When he's not creating interactive worlds Aleksandar enjoys drinking ice coffee, eating homemade muffins with his wife and showing picture books to his daughter.




Irena Deletić Chia


"A purpose I had in mind when writing this book is to remind ourselves, especially our young ones, the sheer joy of our language. The Serbian language is a bridge to our ancestors, our rich history and precious culture. It celebrates the ties that bind us as a community even as we settle far away from our homeland. I can see my parents reading this book to my children whilst relating their own personal stories of Serbia along the way. It is my hope that you will create your own stories and cherished moments as you share this book with your loved ones."


Irena was born in Serbia and migrated to Australia with her family in 1988. From early on she spent much of her time writing, always carrying a pad and paper to jot down creative ideas inspired by her world. She graduated in Marketing in Melbourne and has spent a decade working in creative writing for local and international organizations including PETA and Red Cross. Irena is keen to pass on Serbia's traditions to the new generation who are often born and raised in foreign countries and quickly forgetting tales from Serbia. When she's not thinking up stories Irena enjoys painting, music, reading, yoga and spending time with her family. 






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